All You Need to Know about Having Your Screen Replaced

Broken Iphone Screen on TableDepending on the model you own, replacing a broken iPhone screen can be tricky. Many find it hard to come up with the best solution to solve this matter, especially since the services provided by Apple for many of their iPhone models are only limited to rear panel and camera replacement.

The Costs Involved

Although Apple used to replace broken screens on older 3G and 3GS models, they’ve kicked the habit when the iPhone 4 and 4S appeared. Nowadays, if you own one of these newer units and go to your local Apple Store with a shattered or cracked screen, they will simply replace your phone entirely.

The cost for replacing an iPhone 4 is not that demanding, however, especially since Apple already has phones specially stored for these types of situations, minimizing the costs you would need to cover.

Of course, the cheapest way of getting your broken iPhone screen replaced is with an iPhone screen replacement kit. You can find those for as little as $30 online, but you will need a few technical skills in order to get the job done properly.

Better Options with IPhone 5

Since the new iPhone 5 appeared on the market, Apple started a new policy, attempting to take the hassle out of the replacement process and keep their customers happier when it comes to having their problems properly solved.

Apart from the fact that the newest iPhone model is far more resilient than the 4 and 4S ones, you can get your broken iPhone 5 screen replaced at the shop in about 5-10 minutes. Even though this is still slightly more expensive than replacing the screen yourself, it is also a far more convenient option, since you’ll get your old phone back in no time at all without having to pay for a new one.

Broken iPhone screen replacement issues have been a problem ever since the fragile iPhone 4 and 4S designs hit the stores, but today it seems that Apple is far more willing to focus on full customer satisfaction than ever before.